Clinical and Quality Care

NCCCA delivers 24 hour clinical and personal care which is focused on ensuring our residents are assured of care that respects their choice and promotes their dignity. Residents’ health, social and support needs are comprehensively identified and assessed on an ongoing basis in partnership with residents and their family members (if the resident chooses) and general practitioners.

In order to provide this level of care, staff respond to an individual resident’s care preferences and goals in a caring and respectful manner. Experienced clinical staff, including two Nurse Practitioners, reinforce this care with clinical expertise in medication administration, wound care, pain management, continence management and if needed, palliative care.

Activities such as day trips, exercise program, arts and craft, entertainment and individualised programs provide fun and companionship which is essential for a high quality of life.

Lifestyle Options

Our Leisure and Lifestyle team coordinate a wide selection of life enriching activities for residents. Activities available to our residents include daily exercises, cards and other games, arts and crafts, in house concerts and movies, bus outings, shopping and art classes. Often these activities and events involve local groups allowing residents to connect with the broader community.

Food Culture

Great food and equally good service underline our belief that nourishment and wellbeing are important to a happy and healthy life. That’s why we pay so much attention to food at NCCCA.

You can dine in our dining rooms, or have it in your own room. With fresh meals prepared and cooked onsite, you’ll love the convenience. Rest assured we are committed to providing you with healthy and varied meals catering to all your dietary needs. To this end, we engage the services of an independent dietician who regularly visits our facilities. We also use local produce to ensure that all your meals not only taste great but are good for you to.

Memory Support

For anyone living with a diagnosis of dementia or have altered cognition, life can prove challenging. From changes in behaviour to memory impairment and loss of independence, many tasks that were once routine can now become confusing and difficult to manage.

For many caregivers and families, questions may arise about how best to care for someone with dementia, with little knowledge on who to turn to for answers or help.

At NCCCA, our best practice approach to dementia care places the individual at the centre of every day, enabling them to live a meaningful life in a homelike environment. We focus on the resident as an individual and our team works in partnership with residents, their families, GPs and allied health providers to support our residents to experience meaningful and enabling lives in a community which is familiar and comfortable.

Our residences contain secure dementia specific areas with single rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Secure gardens promote meaningful wandering, textures and visually stimulating environments. The needs of our residents with cognitive impairment are met with compassion and respect.

Our Homes

Caregiver and senior man on a wheelchair walking outdoors

Abernethy Nursing Home

Abernethy Nursing Home provides high level Nursing Care to 50 residents with rooms of varying design and size, 14 x 2 bed share rooms and 24 single rooms all with built in wardrobes and ensuites.

Jacaranda Grove Hostel

Jacaranda Grove has been newly refurbished in 2023. It offers a blend of modern design and a warm, homely atmosphere. It is a single-level home located in Cessnock, surrounded by beautiful leafy grounds.

Two senior women playing dominoes at day care center

Mountain View Lodge Hostel

Mountain View is home for 47 residents each with single rooms all with built in wardrobes and ensuites.