NCCCA is excited to introduce a revolutionary tablet designed to enhance how seniors’ connect with their loved ones.

Kitcal isn’t your typical tablet; it’s a user-friendly device tailored to the needs of seniors. The tablet prioritises direct personal communication and reduces social isolation. Its standout features include:
  • ‘Keep In Touch’: Seniors can initiate video or voice calls or send quick ‘check-in’ messages to loved ones, with scheduled alerts for regular peace of mind.
  • Seamless Messaging: Facilitates effortless communication, allowing seniors to respond using emojis.
  • Calendar Management: The Kitcal Calendar keeps seniors informed about events and occasions, managed remotely via a companion mobile app, complete with alerts and reminders.
  • Cherished Memories: Photos and videos can be shared directly to the tablet, eliciting joyful responses.
Leading this trial is Fiona Coppins (Acting Community Manager) and Ross McWhirter (IT Systems Administrator) who are dedicated to ensuring the success of Kitcal. Keep an eye out for the trial results and future rollout plans as we strive to expand Kitcal’s reach and make a lasting impact on our NCCCA family.